Christmas Sweaters 2016


Here are a bunch of sweaters for anyone who doesn’t know what the HECK they’re going to wear for Christmas:



❄️ Two Person Christmas Jumper




❄️Sequin Deer Knitted Sweater

❄️Chums Park City Knit Cardigan



Musical Ho Ho Ho Christmas Jumper


❄️Ho Ho Ho Christmas Jumper



aaaaaBlue Deer Pattern Long Sleeve Knit Ugly Sweater

❄️Reindeer Pattern Sweater

❄️Blue Deer Pattern Sweater


🎄Happy December!🎄


(No Carve) Pumpkin Decorating Ideas 🎨


Here’s a list of creative ways to decorate a pumpkin without carving it. This is for those of you who aren’t the BEST pumpkin carvers and always end up with a pumpkin and a massive hole of sadness, because the design you had planned to carve looked easier in your head (atleast that’s always my experience). Anyways, Here ya go:

1. Pumpkin Doughnuts

2. Floral Pumpkin

3. Ice-cream Pumpkin


4. Polka dots & All Kinds of Patterns

5. Sparkly Pumpkin


#SaveAPumpkin… and Yourself from Embarrassment

Happy October!

🕸 Halloween Inspired Clothes(2016) 🕸


Tomorrow is officially October 1st, which means HALLOWEEN IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!!


So… In honor of Halloween/October, I’ve decided NOT to make a post about lame Halloween costumes!! Yaaay!! …I’ve dedicated this post to Halloween inspired clothing/accessories that you can wear not JUST on October 31st but this whole month …or the rest of the year, I honestly don’t know what you want to do.

1. Socks and Headwear



2. Graphic Tees



3. Sweaters



       4. Dress and Leggings


🎃 Happy October 🎃

Five of This Summer’s Fashion Trends (2016)


Unfortunately, the summer has come to an end and what better way to say goodbye than to go over five of this years summer trends!? (… honestly, there are a variety of other better ways to say goodbye to summer, but please bear with me) YAY!! Okay let’s do this…

1. Boys in Crop tops?

Yep, that’s right people. You may have thought, “ONLY girls wear crop tops.”, and if you actually still think this I am very disappointed in you because I beg to differ and so do many of these boys …




2. Over the shoulder tops

This was probably one of my favorite trends. All the stores I walked into this summer had these shirts lying around everywhere. I mean, who doesn’t love shoulder-less shirts?



3. Bodysuit

If you love wearing your swimsuit under some pants/shorts than boy, do I have the outfit for you! Is it a swimsuit? Is it a tank top? The world may never know, but who cares! It’s comfortable and it fits like a damn glove…


Whoops.. wrong pic



4. Baseball caps

At this point, the world is basically a baseball cap gold mine. This summer a lot of people wore these caps everywhere. Either their hair was a complete disaster, or it just topped their outfit off perfectly. No matter the reason, they look cute!



5. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

Last but not least, Boyfriend Jeans got their chance to shine this summer, along with an edgy touch. These could make for a well put together casual outfit, but can also be paired perfectly with some heels. That’s the beauty of these jeans…




Well, guess that’s it for crop tops and bodysuits! Time for cozy sweaters, scarfs, and bright fall colors! See ya later, summer.